I drink turkish coffee, I protect my coffee...

I drink turkish coffee, I protect my coffee...

The project “I DRINK TURKISH COFFEE, I PROTECT MY COFFEE" has been actualized with contributions of KARACA Porecelain .

The project “I drink turkish coffee, I protect my coffee" which has been prepared to protect our traditional coffee culture and our values and to create a common sense among Turkish people has been initiated.

11 famous leading names in Turkey who are appreciated by the public and successful in their own areas including SERTAP ERENER, HALDUN DORMEN, KEREM GÖRSEV, ALİ SUNAL, KADİR DOĞULU, AYŞEGÜL ALDİNÇ, ALİ KIRCA, SABA TÜMER, NEVRA SEREZLİ, FUAT GÜNER and EBRU AKEL posed for the camera of Zeynel Abidin Ağül and said: “I drink turkish coffee, I protect my coffee"

Turkish coffee cups designed by Atil Kurtoglu in favor of the Turkish Coffee Society are manufactured by KARACA Porcelain. The cups designed inspiring from Seljukain patterns are offered to appreciation of guests in two individual colors inculuding turquoise and purple.

The introduction night of the project initiaed to protect and introduce Turkish coffee at abroad was held in Adile Sultan Palace on 17th January, Tuesday with attendance of 400 exclusive guests. Many exclusive guests from business and art community attended to the night. The guest of the night was Egemen Bagish, the Minister and Chief Negotiator of European Union.

During the night starting with a special dance show telling the history of Turkish coffee, guests then sipped delicious Turkish coffee from coffee bars specially designed and toured the sepicial exhibition organized for the night. Income obtained from cups offered during the night held to support promotional activities to be made by the Society of Turkish Coffee Culture and Research will also be used in such activities to be made for this purpose.

All coffee-lovers are expected to support the project to protect and spread our traditional coffee culture and create a common sense. The cups designed by Atil Kutoglu can be found in all KARACA stores.