White is the color of purity, cleanness, honesty, comfort and innocence. It is also a symbol for consistency and permanence. In many cultures, brides wear white. They choose white for their wedding dress to have a pure, clean and white new life. White reflects the light and keeps the environment cool. Therefore, white is also the color of summer months; it arouses feelings of refreshment in people. For this reason, we, as Karaca are based on those properties of white and produced 'Porcelain Single Products Series' using white which is porcelain's own color in order to emphasize cleanness, comfort, purity and esthetics. While producing these series, we aimed to combine certain parts which are required on tables, but are not usually included in dinner sets with easy-to-use forms to increase usefulness of white. In 'Porcelain Single Products Series' created for these purposes, we believe that you will easily find accessories of which you feel the lack on your tables

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