KRC LIMOGES Dining Package


The human race used water first, and then soil and fire while creating the civilization. People combined water, soil and fire using their brain, creativity and skills and thus first ceramics were made. Ceramic, which has a history as old as human history, was appeared in various forms during the history. Sometimes a cup, a plate, an oven, or sometimes a pot, an accessory or a toy…
Being able to manufacture porcelain in Europe by conducting research to understand what kind of a material is porcelain took hundreds of years. Finding kaolin which is the raw material of porcelain in the continent of Europe took hundreds of years and towards the end of 18th century, kaolin was found in Limoges, France. That was also the beginning of worldwide famous Limoges Porcelains. Since Limoges, a small town in the Kingdom of France is the source of raw material of mostly preferred porcelains in the world, it gave its name to highest-quality and best-known porcelains. KRC which is known with its high-quality hard porcelains mainly produced in white supplies all raw materials from the best porcelain manufacturing centers in Limoges, France. Therefore, KRC porcelains are transparent, white, durable and perfect. 
KRC porcelains are manufactured according to the USA regulation “FDA Compliance Policy Guidelines" and to “Proposal Clause 65" of the State of California. They are compliant with health criteria of the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture. 

Usage instruction